Friday, September 26, 2014


SOAS College Air Scout Troop experienced real flight simulators in CAE MPTC Brunei yesterday. The group was made possible by CAE management and the briefing was made by CAE Brunei MPTC Deputy General Manager, Mr. Rozman Junaidi. 

The educational visit was a first where students were allowed in and some tried flying fixed winged and helicopters around virtual map of Brunei. After a short briefing, the group was taken to do instrument panel familiarization.

Pilot Instructor Jasmin demonstrated how to fly the SU92 which is activity used by Brunei Shell Aviation. Emphasizing academic excellence and physical well-being are key to become competent pilots. 

SOAS College Air Scout Troop would like to thank CAE Brunei MPTC for such an inspiring visit. All of the students can see their future prospects and strive to get good grades to become Brunei's future aviators.

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