Sunday, March 25, 2018



This year a special training was organized and conducted by Brunei Muara District to teach all necessary basics to new members. This way all will have a common understanding and it will save time for school troops to train and conduct investiture ceremony all at once. It was also a chance for all new members to camp with other troops and start feeling the "scoutism". Its also a time where they are introduced to how scouts are organized and relate to what they have been learning at school.

A bonus was Earth Hour was conducted during the camp nights. Everyone contributed to the theme and it was the talk of the town when it was on social media. 

At the end of the camp was the investiture Ceremony for all 150 new scouts. It was exciting and an eye-opener to the world of scouts. Everyone glad to be apart of the camp and the largest youth association of the world!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


New members from SOAS Air Scouts attended the 2nd Rover Gathering 2018 which was filled by presentations and networking with local and regional rover representatives. Although rovers are scouts who are 18 years above, but this was an opportunity to see what happens to scouting life after school. Rovers Crews exists in local college and universities. They don't need scout leaders to tell them what to and they are free to organize activities and visits themselves. They also assist in schools and scout activities as adult helpers.

During the gathering, our troop had the opportunity to make new friends which they will meet again during invitations to Miri and Limbang. Also They will be coming to Brunei again during the 2018 Rover Moot 100 Years. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Welcome New Boys!

The beginning of the year is considered as the "new members signup" season. It usually takes week 3-4 to start campaigning for new members as school matters are just settling in. This year we have new friends from year 8 and already they have started some activities such as registrations, making uniforms and learning first parts of the Scout Promise and Law. There will be lots of things lining up for 2018. One of which is 100 Years Rover Gathering which will be in December.  For this year the new line ups are,

Air Boy Scouts
1. Adam Waie Azmi             YR8A
2. Brian Sim Qing Wei          YR8E
3. Affandy Mahathir Salim    YR8E
4. Dzulhusnee Shamsol        YR8E
5. Md Wafiy Awg Sulaiman   YR8F
6. Azlan Jalaldeen
7. Faiq Sahari
8. Qassyful Zehni
9. Arif Alizan
10.Amirul Taufiq Haji Rosman
11. Naufal

12. Muhamamd Hakimi Md. Baharin Shah
13. Adam Danial Zahrin 
14. Rauf bin Rosli (attached)

Air Venture Scouts 
1. Zulfadhli              YR10 AdvB
2. Ren Harrith          YR10 AdvA
3. Abdul Alim           YR10 AdvA
4. Umair Wafri         YR10 AdvA
5. Harrizz Saufi        YR10 AdvB
6. Zarif                    BTEC2

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Members from SOAS College Air Scout can to help out younger scouts during their Sixers Leadership Course. Initative to come and help other is truly appreciated.
Closing ceremony of the 2017 Sixers Leadership Course

The organizers of the course would like to thank all that helped out in making the course a success just like the previous years.
The appreciative students and teachers would like to thank all those who have helped and guided them throughout the course and made every moment a happy one.

Monday, March 20, 2017


This year new scout members had their investiture ceremony in the 4th National Jamboree 2017. It was witnessed by special guests scout commissioners from Malaysia (Limbang) and Indonesia (Semarang). It was a first time new members and new patrol leader received their respective badges. It was also an opportunity and a great honor for visiting scout from other countries to personally view and involved in Brunei's scout troop ceremony. The ceremony continued by another delegation who took the opportunity to take photographs, talked with the new troop and had group pictures. 

Skipper Zack promised to continue such support by starting to do working visits to close neighbors scouts and encourage cross-border friendship at an early age for the troop. It was just Day 1 and already the troop learnt alot and made new friends.

DAY 2 continue with more exciting activities. In between the troop find time to do SERVICE and contribute teaching SCOUTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. This is essential to being a scout, not forgetting those who also wants to have fun in scouting but needs a little help.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


SOAS College boys did not attend the event but Skipper Zack had a special invitation. The event was held in KUALA LUMPUR. The 13th Malaysia Scouts Jamboree at the Batu Metropolitan Park was a gathering of some 7,000 scouts, including 1,200 from abroad. Chief Scout of Malaysia Tan Sri Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh officiated the event. New activities were urban challenge oriented and interspersed with scouting skills, sports, community service and cultural activities.The jamboree was themed ‘Unity Through Scouting’. The objective was to foster the spirit of brotherhood and love for harmony in the multi-racial society in the country.

During the auspicious gathering Skipper Zack was awarded the Scout Leader Wing for achieving all the requirements for teaching and leading scouts in aviation interests. He was also awarded Silver Wing Medal by the Chief Scout of Malaysia Tan Sri Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh.
Anyway it was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make mew ones. one of the enjoyable activities was city tour. Well were in the great Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Brunei Joti Team consisting of Commissioner of Communications, Media and IT and some IT savvy Rovers. Skipper Haji Ismail the Deputy Chief Commissioner was the chief guest, flanked by Skipper Haji Badar, our Chief Commissioner who attended just for a short while.
Its that time again for all scouts in the world make new friends or get in touch with old ones via radio or internet. Yes its JOTA JOTI again! This year our troop join up with with other troop in our national headquarters and set up stations for internet calls. Time have change when we used IRC and MSN. Now its Skype and Whatsapp. This year JOTAJOTI Brunei was launched by the Deputy Chief Commissioner, Skipper Haji Ismail. 

Hello from Hong Kong Scouts!
Hello from Sri Lanka Scouts!
United Kingdom and Malaysia at the same time! How awesome!
Its always challenging to host such an event during exam season. Yes many students cannot make it due to on-going exams. Only some did with support of the parents. Anyway those who did, had endless fun talking to scouts from USA, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Hongkong and United Kingdom!

It was just for one day but next year we will make a bigger one. Be Prepared!