Sunday, March 29, 2015


New members taking their oath for the first time as membership to the world scout movement

Sunday , 29th March 2015 is a day which 14 new scout members will always remember. After so much hard work and dedication, they finally receive the “world bureau” badge, which signifies their membership as members of the world scout movement. 

The ceremony was organized by SOAS College Air Venture under the guidance of the college’s Scout Leaders. Some parts of the ceremony were assisted by members of the National Rover Council. The event was mostly conducted by the youth themselves, thus showing self-reliance and confidence when conducting their own official functions. 
Guest of Honor, Deputy Principal Cikgu Pengiran Rasimah handing out the World Bureau Badge to new members

The guest of honor was the Deputy Principal, Cikgu Pengiran Rasimah , who also handed out the badges to the new members. 

SOAS College Air Scout Troop has been active since their formation in April 2003, and has been countless scouting and aviation activities. For 12 years now the troop have kept high standards in teaching students about scout life, conducting aviation visits and participated in national as well as international jamborees. 

New members with proud parents and honored guests
This year, the troop have planned a few soft skills programs, such as ICT, Mobile Learning, Flight Simulation and Team-Leadership, which is in-line with the recent sabda by the Crown Prince who is also the Chief Scout. Lastly, the troop would like to thank, the principal, dedicated teachers and honorable parents, who also contributed in making the event a success.