Sunday, March 2, 2014


With the on-coming monthly tests before first-term break, members are urging skippers for an adventure. Due to this, patrol leaders were asked to organize an overnight activity with some elements of cycling. The “cycling camp” was held in Taman Tasik Sarubing in Subok, after permission granted by the principal and the Mukim Subok Council. The night was filled with fun activities and prayers in the Kampong Subok Mosque. Learning to use available materials for BBQ was interesting. Best of all is learning to use materials that are friendly to the environment.
The next day was cycling day. Learning Brunei road signs and discussing rules on the road was the start of the activity. Then parents assisted the cycling group all the way to SOAS College. It took just 45 mins to reach the finish line. This shows that all the planning and organizing was successful. The scouts then receive their cycling badges by Skipper Zack