Saturday, December 27, 2014


Senior Boys on the way to becoming Venture should know places of interest as well as knowing how to find the way
Senior Air Boys went trekking to Wasai Dadap as part of their learning to become future Air Venture Scouts. Venture scouts always knows where to go and how to go there. In a country with many biodiversity and natural waterfalls, scouts should know these places by heart. 

Unfortunately today some of the trails were lost due to thick undergrowth. The river path was blocked fallen wood and landmarks were unrecognizable due to land changes. But at least everyone had fun and learn practical knowledge about jungle trekking. That is whats important. Skipper Zack will refer this matter with the village leader and once cleared there will surely be another expedition with new members.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


December is when everyone looks for something to do during the school holidays. Some go away on vacation but some scouts wants camping. So the dedicated leaders got together and organized a 4 day camp to sharpen skills and gain some badges. SOAS College Air Scouts who were still in the country, formed up a team for the troop. Lead by Senior Patrol Leader under the guidance of a veteran Air Rover, Omar Ali Tahiruddin. 

Nice a clean campsite. Senior Air Boys 14 will be upgraded to Air Ventures in 2015 because of their rich knowledge in scouting skills