Sunday, January 28, 2018

Welcome New Boys!

The beginning of the year is considered as the "new members signup" season. It usually takes week 3-4 to start campaigning for new members as school matters are just settling in. This year we have new friends from year 8 and already they have started some activities such as registrations, making uniforms and learning first parts of the Scout Promise and Law. There will be lots of things lining up for 2018. One of which is 100 Years Rover Gathering which will be in December.  For this year the new line ups are,

Air Boy Scouts
1. Adam Waie Azmi             YR8A
2. Brian Sim Qing Wei          YR8E
3. Affandy Mahathir Salim    YR8E
4. Dzulhusnee Shamsol        YR8E
5. Md Wafiy Awg Sulaiman   YR8F
6. Azlan Jalaldeen
7. Faiq Sahari
8. Qassyful Zehni
9. Arif Alizan
10.Amirul Taufiq Haji Rosman
11. Naufal

12. Muhamamd Hakimi Md. Baharin Shah
13. Adam Danial Zahrin 
14. Rauf bin Rosli (attached)

Air Venture Scouts 
1. Zulfadhli              YR10 AdvB
2. Ren Harrith          YR10 AdvA
3. Abdul Alim           YR10 AdvA
4. Umair Wafri         YR10 AdvA
5. Harrizz Saufi        YR10 AdvB
6. Zarif                    BTEC2