Sunday, January 27, 2019


About 21 new boys enjoyed their first scout lesson today in Scout HQ Campsite. There were introduction to basic foot drill, flag break ceremony and scout promise for the first time. The atmosphere was fun with a little self-descipline along the way. The objective is to instill the ways and spirit of scouting right from the beginning. Knowing how to do the flag-break ceremony with all its procedures is the beginning of every scout event and activity. 
New member Hadi from year 9 demonstrating the Scout Promise

New member Ammar leading the doa for closing ceremony

Other than that its about getting organized, filling out forms and making new uniforms. The new boys were assisted by seniors members and rover scouts. It was a good 3 hours of making new friends and fun learning about scouts. We thank District Scout Commission and PPNBD for making our learning today a success. 

Friday, January 11, 2019


2018 was great but 2019 will be better. Thats what we aim to do in scouting. A great way to talk casually without reservations is by having casual breakfast. No uniforms no rules just plain discussion with good food. Some ideas we put on the table are, ... getting more members, more camping, more outdoors as much as we can before exam season. Also Scout Standard Award for Year 7, Advance Scout Standard for Year 8 and Chief Scout Award for year 9. Year 10 and 11 is the usual Venture Award Scheme. All these needs to be done atleast before mid year exams. After that a massive slow down to allow students keeping promise for good exam results by end of the year. So we now Skipper Zack have to plan out with the school as well as District for all these to be possible. Good to have our voices and concerns heard and now we look forward for another exciting year in Scouting!