Saturday, January 3, 2015


As part of learning advance knots in venturing, the application of these new knots and rope mastership must come with its application. Many venture scouts find it useless knowing so many knots and rope care but never get to apply it in real world or in activities. Luckily for SOAS College Air Scouts, we have our own equipment and the skipper who knows how to use it. 

One Sunday morning when others are fast asleep after playing digital games, new ventures are out in the campsite learning new knots and doing things themselves. It was scary at first but once you remember your training and trust your own knots and equipment, its becomes easy. Skipper Zack also implied that this activity is also a tool to learn about trust, confidence and effective communication. Other than that its a great way to have fun on a Sunday morning.


When it comes to celebrating Prophet Mohammads' Birthday (peace be upon him), or better known in Brunei as Maulud Nabi, students who turn up are usually forced to attend because of parents or school ruling. Most would decide not to make the effort of waking up early and just enjoy an extra day of holiday. 

For SOAS COLLEGE AIR SCOUT, it is a honor to attend. Not only for celebrating our beloved Prophet Mohammad's Birthday but we also give a helping for the community. Officials who are always on duty during such event, comment on the yearly-commitment of Maktab SOAS Scouts who are always visible during Maulud Nabi. 

The Minister of Religious Affairs gave a speech on  the processions, held simultaneously in all the four districts of the country, would encourage younger generation to continue the unique and traditional way of celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday for years to come. His Majesty the Sultan then lead the procession as he always would followed by loyal citizens and followers of Islam.