Friday, November 28, 2014


Scout members who have finished their exam spends their time learning other useful skills. One of which is Basic First Aid. Fortunately for Skipper Sakina who is the Commissioner of Health and Safety is also a Certified Instructor. Sanctioned under the Brunei National Resuscitation Committee the course is structured under national guidelines and at the end of the course, scouts would gained their certificates and first aid card.

Patrol leaders from SOAS College Air Scouts, attended the course and paid on their own because they believe that such skills can be helpful in life and activities. So its worth $15. Not to mention how fun and challenging it can be. Providing first aid help is not as easy as on TV. Even on the basic level, taking proper steps and care takes some thinking and practice. With commitment, everyone pass and start making their own first aid pack correctly. Soon they will share this knowledge with the others.