Tuesday, June 3, 2014


In conjunction with Tree Planting Day and Environment Projects, Troop 1002 from SOAS Air Scout introduces the use of renewable energy as part of their "Messengers of Peace" Project. Messengers of Peace is worldwide drive for scout members contribute in projects regarding peace in their respective countries. 

It was showcased to the President of Brunei Scout Association as well as the visiting Minister of Industry and Primary Resources during the camp.

Harnessing wind energy, a wind turbine is used to charge a used car battery that in turn power a few 12 volt bulbs. This is useful because most remote or new campsites do not have electrical supply. 

Previously scout uses kerosene lamps and candles to light up a campsite and this had many close calls and still poses fire hazards in a our fragile jungle. 

With new experiments like solar energy to charge hand phones and wind energy to light up campsites, the scouts hope that this can be adapted by other troop and someday sees a campsites that are energy-efficient and friendly to the environment. 

Troop 1002 for MOP Project

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